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SON Systems' unique approach to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) - Performance|Portal - is a Solution Accelerator that aligns business strategy with execution, jumpstarting effective Performance Management initiatives.  It provides a single, self-service point of entry to the organization's applications; structured and non-structured information; products; services and processes, through which multiple constituents can interact.

Our structured approach, leveraging our proprietary CORE Methodology, delivers results in ninety day increments.  Combining industry best practices with an enterprise technology platform that is enabled by the ready-made integration of the best of breed business intelligence and portal technologies of our strategic partners, our Solution drives value creation through collaboration and results.

At the heart of Performance|Portal is a robust implementation of a Balanced Scorecard application, a management and measurement system focused on business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results. Performance|Portal employs award-winning scorecard, dashboard and reporting technologies to provide a role-based, personalized 'cockpit' view of all information that is critical to the enterprise.

SON Systems' long and successful experience with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution delivery enables us to deliver rapid results. Performance|Portal is built on a comprehensive enterprise data model supporting cross-functional Business Intelligence requirements.  Our enterprise library of key performance indicators (KPIs) supports a 'single version of the truth.'

Performance|Portal is a cornerstone of the disciplined and holistic approach SON Systems takes toward implementing Corporate Performance Management, integrating systems, processes, metrics and methodologies to propel enterprise performance.

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