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Staff Augmentation


In our extremely competitive and cost conscious global business environment, few corporations can afford to maintain a permanent staff that is adequate to meet the full spectrum of their Information Technology needs. In most IT departments up to 85% of the staff is typically involved in the maintenance and enhancement of its 'legacy' systems, leaving few resources available to address more strategic Business Intelligence challenges.

The SON Systems 'on demand' staffing model can provide organizations with a more flexible, efficient and effective way of fulfilling their technology resource requirements. We specialize in defining global sourcing strategies for our clients, setting the standard for when, where, how and with whom their needs can be met, continuously delivering value with measurable results.

SON Systems is prepared to address your Enterprise Planning, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management requirements regardless of the level of experience or length of engagement.  These positions will be filled by highly qualified, dedicated team players, who always have access to the advice and guidance of our senior staff.

SON Systems is prepared to work closely with you as a sourcing partner, capable of providing the right resource with the right experience at the right time.

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