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Education & Training


The implementation of a Balanced Scorecard management system is not just another project, differing in several ways from a traditional project management approach.  People trained in traditional project management and implementation practices and methodologies may have difficulty translating and applying these skills to a Balanced Scorecard or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) initiative, simply because it is a different kind of management paradigm.

There needs to be a ramp-up phase where everyone 'comes up to speed.' This includes training or retraining of project managers, technical personnel and end users, typically accompanied by a focused deployment of pilot efforts, before undertaking a major initiative.

SON Systems is well aware that your organization's success with efforts of this type is based on being able to effectively utilize our solutions and products. We, therefore, offer in-depth training for all of our CPM and Balanced Scorecard solutions. Senior executives, project teams and end users will acquire the skills they need in customized training sessions.

We are committed to providing the highest quality training and education services. Our program, focused on the development, use and maintenance of our Balanced Scorecard and Corporate Performance Management tools and applications, is characterized by:

• On-Site Training
• Customized Course Material
• Standard End-User Administration Courses


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