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Consulting Services


SON Systems consultants provide each client with value added services and best practices advice. Our consultant teams are uniquely equipped to do so by virtue of the high degree of technical proficiency and experience in a wide variety of industries possessed by each seasoned consultant.

SON Systems' proprietary CORE Methodology (Collaborate on Results Excellence) leverages the entire Corporate Performance Management (CPM) framework to provide our clients with the techniques, tools and processes with which to:

• Transform strategic planning from an academic, consultative exercise into an action plan for tangible, real-world results

• Employ a new approach to strategic management, achieving continuous improvement of performance and results

• Leverage the power of Information Technology to define and balance the financial and non-financial business performance objectives of the enterprise

Our approach is both rigorous and flexible, rooted in solid project planning and management principals to ensure that work is completed in a timely manner and that business performance benefits can be obtained and measured. At the same time, the approach uses an appropriate mix of proven analytical tools and techniques adapted to the specific performance improvement objective of the organization.

To assist companies who have decided to embark on the CPM journey but need guidance in getting started, SON Systems offers a proven, five day Scorecard|Xpress program designed to deliver rapid results. We will work with you to build a first-pass, proof-of-concept Balanced Scorecard running in a test environment, and a 'Scorecard Evolution' plan identifying the scorecards, measures, processes and projects that are key to your business' success.

We offer a broad spectrum of related services, ranging from assistance with the alignment of your processes with best-in-breed Enterprise Planning Methods (EPM) to our Performance|Portal solution that integrates your planning system with your Business Intelligence and Security infrastructures, enabling full visibility from any desktop based on a single sign-on.  

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