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An IBM Cognos partner since 1985, SON Systems utilizes IBM Cognos' CPM suite of Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence software, to assist our clients in achieving the full potential of their business performance environment. 

Below is an excerpt from IBM Cognos' website describing their Performance Management System:

 IBM Cognos Performance Management System

Many factors influence the performance of an organization, but none is more critical than the decisions people make every day. Those decisions depend, to a great extent, on the answers to three fundamental business questions:

• How are we doing?
• Why?
• What should we be doing?

Each of these questions has a category of software to provide the answers:

Scorecarding, dashboards, and financial consolidation systems supply the metrics to answer "How are we doing?"

Reporting and analysis applications explain the "Why?"

And planning, budgeting and forecasting systems look forward to tell the organization the answer to "What should we be doing?"

The questions, of course, are related. And for the answers to be useful, the software systems that provide those answers must be related as well. That is why IBM Cognos has built a single platform for decision making, which serves as the foundation for the IBM Cognos Performance Management System.

IBM Cognos has developed integrated, state-of-the-art technology in which tools for discrete tasks work together in a very fluid and connected way. Equally important is that the IBM Cognos Performance Management System is based on a sophisticated, best-practices methodology developed in collaboration with customers, partners and industry thought leaders. IBM Cognos provides both the technology to meet specific daily process requirements, and a performance management roadmap to guide companies as they develop and implement the strategies they need to reach best-in-class status in their respective industries.

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